Chicago Podiatrists use PinPointe FootLaser

From LIfestyle PR News on January 23, 2011

Affiliated Podiatrists, LTD, Chicago podiatrists, are now offering advanced toenail fungus removal with PinPointe FootLaser.

Dr. Feder of Affiliated Podiatrists, LTD, an experienced podiatrist in Chicago, is pleased to offer PinPointe FootLaser in Chicago for eliminating foot fungus. PinPointe FootLaser is a patented laser that is specially designed to penetrate through the toenail and eradicate the fungal spores in the nail bed that are causing toenail infection.

PinPointe FootLaser in Chicago can safely address nail fungus while significantly reducing nail infection. Patients can address their toenail infections more conveniently and comfortably with this Chicago laser toenail procedure. For patients who are tired of discolored, thick toenails, the PinPointe FootLaser creates a quick, effective solution to foot fungus.

"It is important to bring the best in quality foot and ankle health care procedures to my patients. With the PinPointe foot laser procedure, my patients can have their fungus eliminated more safely and easier than ever before. It is my pleasure to remain on the cutting-edge of technology advances for the best possible podiatric care available," said Dr. Marc Feder, podiatrist in Chicago.

Affiliated Podiatrists, LTD is the first practice to bring the PinPointe FootLaser procedure to the Chicago area, making them the patient's source for PinPointe Foot Laser toenail procedure for fast and effective nail fungus relief. PinPointe FootLaser has recently been cleared by the FDA and approved for its efficacy against nail fungus.

For generations, Affiliated Podiatrists, Ltd have been solving the Chicagoland and Near North nail fungus and foot problems. Dr. Feder and his team of professionals are experienced and qualified to address and diagnose a wide array of foot and ankle conditions. Providing specialized procedures, including PinPointe FootLaser in Chicago, Affiliated Podiatrists Ltd. is capable of transforming any foot condition into healthy, happy feet. Specialties of this practice include elimination of foot and ankle pain, surgical repair of bunions, hammertoes, and ingrown nails, along with many other ailments.

Patients who are looking for quality foot and ankle health care turn to Affiliated Podiatrists, Ltd, Chicago podiatrists, for the best in quality procedures available. Further proof of the commitment to provide quality care is seen through Chicago PinPointe FootLaser procedure.

About Affiliated Podiatrists, Ltd: Affiliated Podiatrists, Ltd. are leading podiatrists in Chicago, serving patients throughout the Chicagoland area and the Near North neighborhood. The original practice, established in 1945 by Dr. Harold Feder is now continued by his sons, Drs. Marc and Joel Feder at the Six Corners Medical Center. Offering an array of podiatric services, including laser fungus procedure, Affiliated Podiatrists, Ltd., Chicago podiatrists, continues to satisfy its' patients foot and ankle needs- time and time again.

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